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Monthly Events

On this page we'll list upcoming events at our center. We may also include parenting tips and topics on this page.

Calendar of Events for May 2010

* May 9, Visiting Hours - Mother's Day Celebration

Monthly Senior Living Topic:

Celebrating Life through Generations of Motherhood

When we look back on our lives, we can begin to celebrate and honor the mother in each generation.
This month we celebrate our mothers who have brought life to so many generations.  If it were not for
mothers, many races would be extinct.

It is now time to reflect on how our mothers have been a strong force in keeping our land fruitful and helping it to continue.  It is very important that we excel in the upkeep and building up of the human race.  With each generation we have found that it has been an upscale battle and a downscale turmoil to continue the upsurge of births in our country.  Since the baby boomers came into existence we have seen an overall decline of births here in America.  It is very important to realize that now is the time to celebrate those who have birthed our generation and to also learn VALUABLE lessons concerning our motherhood status. 

To each family only approximately 1.9 children are born to each family unit.  This number has seriously declined in many of the cultures.  What use to be from 4 children to sometimes even 12 children born to one family unit has dwindled down to less than 2 children born to a family unit.

Certain cultures need to come back and realize that we are our brother's keeper and we need to lower the amount of children being aborted and killed during this climatic and fruitful time of our lives.  Children are simply being aborted without cause.  Mothers who have said yes to childbearing  are being in honor today .  We must look at the values of what it takes to be a mother.  A mother is defined as  one who gives birth and raises a child.  As an homage to all that was done in our history by our mothers we need to return back to our roots and save our family and honor the generations that have birthed such strong people.  We honor mothers who have said yes to raising their children and birthing a generation.

This season, we need to reach back and bless the women who are in nursing homes, who serve on our church boards and who are leaders in  our communities and our homes.  Just don't send a card this year, but actively celebrate someone you don't know.  It is our time to love on those who were strong enough to keep going regardless of the odds.  Celebrate those who have triumphed this week by helping us keep hope alive and remain a fruitful nation. Happy Mother's Day.

Parenting Tips

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